Pittsburgh Green New Deal Statement of Purpose, Focus, and Structure

Pittsburgh Green New Deal (PGND) is committed to building a mass movement – locally, nationally and globally – to secure implementation of a Green New Deal.  This must involve ending and reversing the damage to our environment, while at the same time ensuring union scale jobs with a special focus on Black and Brown people and displaced fossil fuel industry workers, racial justice, health care, housing, mass transit systems, education, and cultural opportunities – in short mutual respect and quality of life for all people. We will work with organizations and individuals who share this commitment. We envision these areas of activity:

(1) educational activity, starting with reading groups, then reaching out with broader popular education efforts in community groups, churches, unions, etc.), spreading knowledge and consciousness to advance the Green New Deal;

(2) immediate environmental activity — tree planting and other practical work that can immediately benefit the environment;

(3) building a local coalition, linking up with national forces, to mobilize vigorous on-the-ground campaigns on behalf of the Green New Deal. Our local platforms, policies, and legislation will be tailored for the needs of our own communities, drawing on years of work by local community organizations, activists, advocates, and experts. 

The structure of PGND is very simple.  It is open to those in agreement with this statement of purpose and the PGND Acceptance of Nonviolent Diversity of Tactics. It operates on the democratic principle of one-person-one-vote, with regular membership meetings being the highest decision-making body of our organization, to which all committees or sub-committees established by the organization shall be answerable.

More info on Pittsburgh Green New Deal and ways to join the movement

Please fill out this Google form to let us know about your interests and how you may want to participate as member, ally, or group coalition partner. If you are interested in membership, we will send you more informationincluding how to join and meeting dates.

Contact us at pghgreennewdeal@gmail.com.

For a more comprehensive explanation of Pittsburgh Green New Deal principles, goals, strategies, and tactics, please see the original founding document, the Green New Deal Declaration, by clicking on the image of the first page below.