Upcoming events, actions, education, and practical projects.


September 17-18, 2022

Global Climate Jobs Conference

Join us to discuss strategies, technical and social perspectives, and challenges we face in building Climate Jobs Campaigns. We are bringing together people from all around the world, and bringing together the labor and climate movements, to discuss how we win a program that can allow us to stop climate collapse. Among the panelists are Pittsburgh Green New Deal activists Claire Cohen, Patty DeMarco, and Paul LeBlanc. For details, and to register (free), visit the Global Climate Jobs website.

Climate-change disasters can only be avoided by cutting fossil-fuel emissions, drawing on plans created by workers and communities, consistent with the interests and needs of a majority of the people. Instead, powerful decision-makers and profiteers are in control, with workers left out of the discussion and climate science disregarded. We need to build a movement that not only is capable of setting its own program, but that has the power to implement it.

For lots more information on speakers, topics, schedule, visit the Global Climate Jobs conference web page here. Register through the link here.


September 21-23

Global Clean Energy Action Forum


CMU and the Department of Energy will host the Global Clean Energy Action Forum in Pittsburgh on September 21-23, with energy ministers from around the world in attendance. In response a group of local organizations has created a Clean Energy Justice Convergence that will hold a series of events, including rallies, teach-ins, and tours of local impacted Communities. Please check out the schedule and website here.

Organizers especially urge activists to turn out for the rally and Native People’s Ceremony, Thursday Sept. 22. 

Pittsburgh Green New Deal is one of the endorsers of this convergence.


October and November tree plantings

Call for volunteers

You’re invited to join the Izaak Walton League in collaboration with Allegheny Land Trust, Scouts at Guyasuta, Troop 344 and other volunteers in planting trees in October and November. 

Saturday, October 22, 10:00 a.m.
East Side Cemetery, Sharpsburg
Saturday October 29, 10:00 a.m.
Devils Hollow, Sewickley Township
Saturday, November 5, 10:00 a.m.
Venango Trails, Robinson Township

Trees to Be Planted

  • 600 speckled alder for two woodcock habitat projects (300 each for Devil’s Hollow and Greenwood Cemetery)
  • 300 grey dogwood (Allegheny Land Trust, Guyasuta Camp, Harrison Hills County Park, perhaps Ruth Weir Park)
  • 100 ninebark (distributed among various project sites)
  • 150 buttonbush (needs wet; distributed based on wet among projects)
  • 50 inkberry holly (distributed among projects)
  • 100 winterberry (needs wet; distributed based on wet among projects)

Sign up here if you and/or your organization is interested in participating or please contact Mike Stout at miststout629@gmail.com.